Empowering people and organizations with alternative methods for resolving disputes.


Mediation is an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process that offers parties in dispute a way to address their issues without going to court. Community Mediation Centers are organizations that provide low-cost or free mediation services to individuals, businesses and organizations in their communities. They have existed for more than 50 years and are located in over 400 communities throughout the United States.

The Neighborhood Mediation Center (NMC) is a non-profit organization that has been awarded a contract by Washoe County to operate a community mediation center. Since it opened in 1999, the NMC has been involved in a wide variety of services to its community. The NMC welcomes the opportunity to assist residents of Washoe County with dispute resolution.


Neighborhood Mediation Center offers various trainings and certificates to assist with mediation and conflict resolution.

Mediation is a confidential and voluntary problem solving process that is facilitated by a trained, impartial mediator. Decisions are made solely by the parties involved in the mediation.

Mediation assists parties in conflict to engage in open communication to:

  • Understand the conflict
  • Identify and clarify key issues
  • Maintain focus on the future
  • Explore options for resolving the dispute
  • Negotiate solutions that work for everyone
  • Improve relationships when applicable
  • Avoid the expense and delay of court


The Neighborhood Mediation Center (NMC) provides most mediation free of charge within Washoe County. The NMC also provides fee-based training and facilitation services by request. The NMC conducts community-based mediations at its office in downtown Reno. NMC mediators also work in partnership with Reno and Sparks Justice Courts, mediating small claims cases and other types of cases as requested by the court.

The NMC offers

Timely dispute resolution
Responsive and experienced staff
Diverse pool of mediators
Training programs
Flexible hours of operation
In-office meeting space
Off-site service on request
Speakers for organizations and service groups

Mediation Case Types

Real Estate
Property Distribution
Elder Care
Property Damage
Rent/Security Deposits
Interpersonal Relationships
And Others

Need to resolve a dispute?