What did you like best about mediation?

“I always try to mediate over going to court. It is less stressful and more efficient.”

“Really fascinating process. So cordial and I felt lifted up to a greater good.”

“Time-saving and having an unbiased person in the room who kept things on track.”

“It is a great asset! A fine service to the community and the overburdened court system.”

“The opportunity to resolve all issues in a controlled environment.”

“It (mediation) allowed a conversation to actually happen.”

“ …the ability to discuss possible settlements.”

“Parties involved got to express themselves.”

“The mediator was professional, listened and affirmed peace.”

“Both parties could explain their history and we reached a deal.”

What did you like best about the mediation class?

“Perfect balance of participation and instruction.”

“Both instructors (Kales and Rafferty) did a great job, highly organized, outstanding lesson structure, good use of video and guest speaker. Both teachers played off each other with humor and friendliness.”

“I am impressed with the depth that was covered efficiently!”

“Excellent content – well balanced with interactions, exercises and discussions.”

“The class was highly organized while still being friendly, relaxed and productive.”

“Monica and Dawn did a fantastic job with the training “dance”!